Cooking appliance safety test station according to EN 30 (gas) and IEC60335 (electric)

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Cooking appliance safety test station

Cooking appliance safety test station

C We manufacture cooking appliance safety test station that runs safety tests as required by the standards according to EN 30 (gas) and IEC 60335-2-6(electric). Tests are run in an high accuracy station that automatically measures and collects data, from over 900 thermocoples and energy meter, in real time during the cooking process. Our test benches are already in operation in manufacturing plants in Europe and South America.

Cooking appliance safety test station can be employed for safety test  on oven and cooking appliances where temperature maps and electric compliance are needed. Test station includes a software allowing test measurement recordings and reporting on a central database. Included safety tests are: oven temperature compliance, surface temperature verification and components temperature. Temperature acquisition system can be set for testing with a dihedron temperature map, trihedron temperature map or configurations with more temperature mapping complex geometries. Cooking safety test station is modular and allows up to 8 test walls to be set up with thermocouples and gives the option of viewing transients.


Cooking appliance safety test station hardware

  • National Instruments data acquisition measurement system with modules for thermocouples, analog input and digital I/O
  • Sensors: 900 thermocouples and 32 insulated thermocouples for temperature measurements, voltage and current transducers for electric measurements of power and energy as well as voltage and current
  • Programmable voltage generator with variable frequency and voltage
  • Hardware interface to washing machine’s control board
  • PC workstation

Cooking appliance safety test station software

  • Up to 900 temperature from thermouples are taken in less then a second
  • Measured data are always associated to  the cooking appliance and stored in the customer data base
  • Reporting on safety test pass or failure as well customised report are prepared on scheduled times

Sensor measurement accuracy

  • Temperature: ± 1K
  • Voltage, current: ±0.5 %
  • Frequency: ±0.1 %
  • Electric Power: ±1%
  • Electric Energy: ±1%

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